In 1859, seven years after Pierceton was laid out, 15 persons became charter members of the Presbyterian Church, Pierceton. Some were transfers from Warsaw Presbyterian or from Ohio churches to which they had belonged prior to setting in the Pierceton area. The organizing meeting was held in the Crawford Schoolhouse north of town under the authority of Ft. Wayne Presbytery. Local country schools near the town were first used as meeting places; later the Methodist Church was so used.

Although membership grew steadily in those early years from 15 charter members to 163 by 1879, the fledgling congregation was not free of problems. Expenses arose that had to be met by voluntary loans or donations.

In 1865, the first house of worship was erected at West Catholic and 4th Streets. Two years later, a manse on South First Street was purchased for $775.00. In 1881, an agreement was made to exchange that first house of worship for the two-story frame church built by the Universalists in 1865 and owned at that time by Dr. Hayes. (The former church building was converted later into an Opera House and used in that capacity for many years.) The congregation had no funds for necessary repairs, so a group of 6 men made personal notes to do the job.

In 1906, plans were initiated to build a new house of worship at the First and Church Streets location. Razing the old building was begun on June 4, 1906 and the first services were held in the new building on Easter Sunday, March 31, 1907. The completed building was dedicated on October 31, 1909, the Golden Anniversary of the church's founding. Ten months were consumed in constructing the brick church building which cost $6,164.00. The Ladies Social Society paid nearly $1,500.00 on the church fund.

In 1916, Dr. Ernest and Ruth (Shafer) Ewers went forth from the church to the mission field in China. That same year, Mr. Garth Salmon, a graduate of Pierceton High School and a member of the church, began his studies at Hanover College in preparation for ministry in the Presbyterian Church. He served as pastor in many Midwest churches during his active years. In 1957, another ardent member, Catherine Froh, went to the mission field in Haiti, where she served for many years.

The year 1923 saw the completion of the basement and also the installation of a new heating plant after 2 years of work of excavating.

In 1967, the Educational Annex, named in honor of Ella (Mrs. Walter) Shoop was completed and serves not only for church school on Sunday mornings, but also for church fellowship meetings, Vacation Bible School and since 1972 has been the home of Pierceton's Christian Community Nursery School. The purpose of the school was and is "to serve the community by providing pre-school educational experiences with a Christian outreach".

In 2004, the John Andreas Fellowship Hall was built which has hosted many dinners and Harvest Home. Harvest Home happens during the first part of October each year where all men, women and children are busy preparing for the annual homecoming and chicken pie dinner and supper held always on the second Saturday of October.

In 2009, monies from the Nedra Beebe Estate were used to resurface the parking lot, upgrade and install new playground equipment and rejuvenate the belfry.

The Pierceton Presbyterian Church is still active today. We welcome new people. As a loving and compassionate congregation, we strive for a church "Where Christ is honored and people are loved".